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The % APP - Cloudbeds to Quickbooks & Xero Interface

The % APP offers an automated solution to transfer your daily revenues from Cloudbeds directly to your Quickbooks Online or Xero accounting system.

What The % APP Can do for Your Business

The % APP offers an integrated solution to automate the transfer of your hotel's daily revenues directly into your Quickbooks Online or Xero accounting System.

Our APP seamlessly books your sales data directly from your Cloudbeds PMS (Property Management System) to your Quickbooks Online or Xero accounting package (Sage One, Exact and many more coming soon!) automatically as a daily journal entry to save you time, money and eliminate data entry mistakes!



Create a % APP account & Connect it to your Cloudbeds & Quickbooks & Xero Accounts.



Map your revenue items to the General Ledger Accounts within Quickbooks or Xero.



Schedule the Automatic Journal Entry Posting time and that's it!

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How Does The Percentage App Work?


Manually loading data from your PMS into your accounting system can be a pain. Our solution eliminates the headache of having to import any data and seamlessly posts your daily transactions journal every day.


Automate your manual tedious bookkeeping routines with our interface and save money on accounting staff thus saving you money and allowing you to focus on running your business. No long term contracts for The % App either!


Eliminate data entry errors by automating the processing of your daily transactions data from your Cloudbeds Account to your Quickbooks Online or Xero Accounting system. Want to adjust something? Simply login and re-post your daily transactions.

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